The 4th Kurdistan Conference on Biological Science

Dr. Abbas J.Al-Faisal
Dr. Ahmed Chasib Jabar Al-Shamary
Dr. Hemin Nuradden Mohammed
Dr.Majed Ali Hanshal
Dr.Mustafa S.M.Al.Attar
Dr. Bassam Yasein Khudaier

Dear Sirs

I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected as our University guests for participation in our 4th. Kurdistan on Biological Sciences. The selection was based on your complelition of the registration form on our University website, before the deadline (25th., April 2012) set by the Organising Committee. The University of Duhok will cover your Hotel accommodation during the Conference. As Heads of biology Dept., it is expected that you will stimulate and enhance scientific discussions towards possible collaboration programs that were sought by our University.

Looking forward meeting you next week.

Kind regards

Conference Coordinator

Dear Estimated Colleagues

The Organizing Committee is pleased to inform you that we have come to the final steps in the preparation for our Conference activities. For this, kindly note the following details;

  • Final invitation letters to scientists, whom his / her article has been accepted by the Peer reviewers, have already been sent, and by now they should have received a PDF copy of the invitation letter.
  • A number of submitted articles have been accepted by Peer reviewers to be presented as a Poster in the conference sessions, scientists whose article fall in this category should also have received an invitation letter. The Poster should be prepared by the scientists in about 80 x 100 cm dimensions.
  • Unfortunately many articles have not been accepted by Peer reviewers therefore, we apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused to some of you, and due to the very large number of received articles, please accept our apologies for not being able to reply to all individually.
  • The Registration fees for all invited scientists (Oral and Poster) will be 100,000 ID; our University will support their accommodation, publishing fees, meals and local transport etc.
  • A number of Heads of Biology Departments from Iraqi Universities have been invited to participate in the Conference as guests to enrich fruitful discussions and to provide opportunities for potential scientific collaboration programs between scientists in different biological domains.
  • Upon Registration, you will receive your article with the notes requested by Peer reviewers, and you'll be asked to amend accordingly, then resubmitting a final E-version copy to be published in the Conference Proceedings. As regards to articles accepted as Posters, only their abstracts will be published.
  • Biologists from around Iraqi Universities are welcomed to participate in the Conference, a Registration fee of 50,000 ID should be paid by them, in addition; they have to pay for their Hotel accommodation. At the end of the Conference, they will receive a document certifying their participation.
  • Finally, we will always be looking forward to your valuable contributions in our University scientific activities, and looking forward meeting you at our University premises on May 8th. – 10th. 2012.

Kindest regards

Prof. Dr. Jaladet M. S. Jubrael Conference Coordinator

P. S. A copy of the invitation letters (Oral/ Poster) could be found on our University website (, including a complete list of accepted articles with all author's names. In addition, you may find information the Hotel name, address and many more on our University activities.

Estimated Heads of Biology Departments Iraqi Universities

Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the University of Duhok, the Organizing Committee of the 4th. Kurdistan Conference on Biological Sciences is pleased to invite all our dear colleagues (Heads of Biology Departments) from all Iraqi Universities.

This was sought to bring leader biologists from our country into a scientific gathering where effective and forthcoming collaboration in different biological domains would be discussed and planned for the benefit and development of biological sciences in our beloved country.

The University of Duhok will support your accommodation expenses during the Conference days.

Looking forward to your active participation in the Conference sessions and in round table discussions..


Organizing Committee Chairman

P.S. Please fill in the Registration form to show your interest in participating in this scientific event not later than April, 25th., 2012. And send it to one of the follwoing email addresses:

The Organizing Committee of the 4th. Kurdistan Conference on Biological Sciencesis pleased to inform all Colleagues who submitted their valuable contributions,the following announcement:

  • The Scientific Committee has processed and sent all papers to the related referees, this process may take around 4 ‐ 6 weeks.
  • Final acceptance letters will be the subject to the full paper evaluation, please nominate the presenting author's name to whom the final invitation letter should be forwarded. The results will also be announced on our University website (
  • The Conference is to be held on the 8th. - 10th. of May 2012.

Looking forward to your active participation in our Conference.

Best Regards
Conference Coordinator